April 27, 2008

A Start, Finally

So, I have been sitting on this Blog address for about a year trying to figure out what on earth to write about. I decided to call it Horse Stories, nice and generic, so I can be pretty general. Now, to figure out how it all works so I can add stuff.


InRepose said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere!
Think about adding a couple of widgets. Two I like very well are lijit, which helps people search for stories on your blog. The other thing I cannot live without is my Feedblitz widget. This lets people subscribe to your blog via email. If you put that one on I'll be the first to subscribe. Feeds are ok, but a mystery to some. I prefer the email in my box and so do lots of folks I correspond with.

Great First couple of posts too, Cristy!

Robin said...

I enjoyed looking at your photos and reading your comments.

I have a question. Did you photograph all the horses from the gate to the finish or just this mare?

I ask this as I am curious about the sequence of events. Did you get to the track and hear about the filly's record breaking events or did you photograph all the horses and then realize that your photos where golden?

I am trying to understand the dynamic. What make a great photographer?

Someone who just takes tons of photos with great equipment or someone who lurks and listens and hears the scoop then positions themselves in the right place at the right time.