November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

Whether you agree we (the U.S.) should currently be at war or not is irrelevant on this day of remembrance. Thank a veteran for their service today if you find one. They aren't always super apparent in public but they are there and maybe just under your nose.... or maybe under your horse! In my horse world, I have at least two that I communicate with on almost a weekly basis.

Over the years I have known my horse's veterinarian, Dr. Joe Quintana, I've put together pieces from various conversations that made me aware that he a veteran from the Vietnam war era. My horse's farrier, Cody Mathews is also a veteran from the Iraq war. I depend on these two men for a significant part of the care of my horse. They are both incredibly dedicated to and passionate for their chosen professions and my horse and I thank them for that often. Today I want to thank them additionally for their service to our nation, the United States of America, as well.

Thank you Cody, Thank You Joe, for your dedication to both my horse and my country.