March 23, 2009

Spring in New Mexico

Wind. Wind. Wind. Did I already mention the wind by any chance? Yesterday it was very windy here all day and into the night. The one high spot about the wind is the automatic-cat-entertainment-device. I'm not the best yard worker (but far from the worst in the neighborhood) and I left a pile of dead leaves all winter in a sheltered, gravel-covered area next to the porch steps. I do this every year. Why? I could just rake them up and have an overall tidier appearance. First of all, I don't fake tidy very well in general and secondly, it's all about feline entertainment properties in the right conditions! When the wind picks up enough, the leaves blow over the porch randomly and it entertains the kitties for HOURS. Being indoor sort of cats, they really appreciate it when I make things work out for a good diversion from the regular, ho hum, everyday cat entertainment, such as paper balls, furry mice with shakies and "king of the scratching post" games. As expected, the combination of leaves and wind did not disappoint any of us and the pile of leaves did shrink a little.

Watch and laugh!