June 22, 2009

Great Sand Dunes

On the way back from the Colorado Horse Park 3-Day event, Amy and I stopped at Great Sand Dunes National Park in the San Luis Valley. When we arrived, it was dark and murky after a rather large thunderstorm had passed through but we went out and made the best of the flat light anyway. In a way it was a treat because the stream was running full tilt with rain water including small surges in the flow. This stream is often totally dry, but man on man it was flowing strong and it was COLD. Amy didn't give that away at all in her hunt for the perfect image to represent the detour.

With such flat light, the main choice in photos was to find interesting patterns. I loved the water and the tangled grasses. Amy was mostly stalking sticks as I recall.

After a while the light seemed to get brighter as the clouds moved east and before too long, the glorious sun made it's grand appearance along with kids in sleds and other sand visitors. The light was so amazingly clear and gave us a few good landscapes after all.