June 12, 2009

What was I thinking?

I photographed two large horse trials back to back on consecutive weekends. I don't know what I was thinking!

The first one was my event, Colorado Horse Park's 3-Day event and Horse Trials with over 200 competitors. I had 2 assistant photographers and together the three of us shot over 9,100 images! Lucky me, I get to sort and process all of them.

Afterwards I spent one whole day at home and caught a plane to Massachusetts where I borrowed a car and drove to South Woodstock, Vermont to help Joan Davis of Flatlands Foto take pictures at the Green Mountain Horse Association's June Horse Trials. This event was only 2 days but had 250 competitors. I shot over 2500 images there. Thankfully I only have to sort and process what I shot for GMHA. Joan is on her own! Thank you Joan for inviting me out to shoot it with you. I enjoyed all the green!

For those of you waiting on the proofs to all get up, hang in there. I'm preparing them all as fast as I can. The cats have me chained to the computer. (They are pretty happy to have me back after being away for almost 3 weeks with only a feeder, not a petter, to hold them over.)