January 3, 2009


It's snowing here tonight, not too seriously, just kinda flakey. I am, however, already tired of being cold and we have a couple more months to go! It is a good time to go back and continue my adventure with Amy around her neck of the woods. I left off with her mom's dirt bathing chicken in September. One of our free non-show weekends, we decided to head to New York. We wanted to visit Saratoga and both race tracks there. The flat Track and the Harness Track. We stayed overnight at a friend of Amy's mom, Marsha Himler, of Stonecroft Welsh,who generously helped us chase her little Welsh Ponies around the wildflower-filled fields for us. As I recall, I was not exactly happy as a clam in the Stillwater, NY July summer heat and humidity but it sure looks more appealing now!