December 6, 2008

Lights, Camera, Action!

Twice this year I have had the opportunity to mix horses and studio lighting. This first was in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts where we met Jorge Gabriel at his Casa Lusitana. Jorge is one of the kindest people I have met in my travels and he was gracious enough to host Lynne Glazer, Amy E. Riley, April Visel and I for a day. He let us hang around and photograph his regular work day and later in the afternoon he dressed up a few horses to the hilt for us. However the photographic pinnacle of the day was later that evening when we completely took over his indoor riding arena and turned it into a studio. He dressed up one of his Lusitano stallions, Solar, in authentic 18th century dress and performed for us.

Just a week ago, I was blessed with a second chance to play with horses and lights at Fox Hill Farms near San Marcos, CA. Donna Richardson and her husband and a student each took turns modeling for us with various horses. Exuprey, recently returned from the National Horse Show with the title of Working Hunter Champion. Donna later dressed up and brought out her Lusitano Stallion, Postulano for some quality posing. He also took a time out to give fellow photographer and studio lights owner, Marie Cobb some horsey smooches.